Monday, February 28, 2005

back into movies

Made an effort to see a number of new and old films of late.

Saw "Constantine" with 'J' last night :) haha. it was good, if a little hard to follow. Sorta ran along the supernatural theme/stereotype to start with and then just went way off that (also one of the few films based on comics that IS NOT gay). hats off to the director for originality, it was quite good. Keanu Reeves performance was good, he picked a good film. ive also read it was a first movie for the director, he did well for a first i think. plot's good, its pretty. worth the price of a movie ticket - yeh but not by too much

also saw "House of Flying Daggers" (bar 35 of the ending due to a blackout). cant remember too much say to think that it's the best martial arts film in a LONG time. sides a few subtle but well integrated errors like people flying through the tops of bamboo trees, it has a great story and still manages to integrate a good number of stunts (which for a MA buff is terrific to see). WELL worth the ticket price. go see it, you wont regret it.

Also rented out "Pulp fiction", "The Last Samurai", "Secret Window" and "Welcome to the Jungle" havent seen the last one yet, but the others are all great.
  • Pulp Fiction - Quentin Tarantino made a fuckin terrific film. this one rocks... from what ive seen it must have been the first film to have parallel stories run and connect kinda thing. well executed. Vincent and Jules' conversations really made me think and laugh. i like them a lot, also Bruce Willis and (Ving Rhames? - big black dude) fight and subsequent escape from the situation they got into and among other things "the wolf" who manages to unfuck a situation admirably.
  • The Last Samurai - although i dont particularly like or dislike Tom Cruise's acting ability (he's nothing special IMHO) this film is great. Particular moments i liked were the "too many minds" scene.....the seppuku (ritual suicide) of the defeated general (portrayed respectfully and well - stirring seeing the old man's resolve and the samurai all standing around paying respects to him as he dies) and lastly the combat btw the samurai and the new japanese army
  • Secret Window - good performance from Johnny Depp. makes the film himself pretty much as the story isnt that fantastic. Ending reeks of a director who saw Fight Club and got inspired or dare i say got.. cough *faintly plagaristic* cough/inspired....

Anyway, thats my blog for the time being. I had a lot to say, just couldnt put what i wanted into words. Happens :

til next time, and as always, comments are appreciated :)

Saturday, February 26, 2005

Music as an art form.

What are people's opinions of music?

is it a past time? a profession?

it's sad there's an abundance of crap on the markets these days..the media controls whats popular, (thats another story) and sometimes a touching song or something amazing comes out. it's stuff like this that make it worth waiting for....the blind loyalty to a particular band youd cop limitless crap for listening to...the enjoyment of listening to an album for the um-teenth time and still managing to notice something else in the music, hidden in the lyrics or as background sound...finding a track you can just fuckin relate to....the craft of a singer or group to make melodies that sound sweet to some ears tired of the same old shit on the radio....the lyrics that make u feel like youre there... it all makes music a wonderful thing. shame we have to wade our way through the commercialised hyped crap that basks in it's superficial glory and eventually making way for another sell-out track from a sell-out artist.

my theory is if you dont have a favourite artist and youve been listening to the same genre of music for more than a year you need to look at another style cos ur intrest is fading with trends, ur listening to the commercial shit.

what makes music special for you? tell us, i might know wat youre talkin about ;)

Friday, February 25, 2005


yeh, thats right fools


yeah. bored.

i got to know how the Pope is ill atm, and has just recently been in and out of hospital many times, most recently to get an operation in his throat or something...

what if he were to become incapacitated? like mentally ill or something of that order? what with the advances of modern medicine, where the body can be kept well long after the mind has deteriorated (i saw this myself with my late grandma suffering from alzhiemer's disease), what exactly would happen?

does the vatican have any idea what they'd do? this poses an interesting development as the pope is the head of christianity yes, now at the present moment more than a 1/8th of the worlds population is christian. his illness or incapacitation would have a far reaching influence on modern society could it not?

what do you think?

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

And on the 25th day, god created selfishness


Aside from that randomness, i feel a need to blog.

Todays subject is self-gratification/cowardice.

Firstly, where do people get off on being slightly unfaithful to their sig. other by flirting with other girls? - self gratification. makes em feel all big and important which should indicate a general lack of something in their life be it personality, love life, whatever.
To another example - people posting about friendship. Why do you ask questions to which you know the answer, but still ask anyway? in this case, to feel better about yourself. Dont you know who youre friends are already? im sure they think youre a friend why ask?

On to cowardice. aside from not having the balls to start a fight yourself.....why do people throw apples at our group to provoke us? like.....isnt that just showin how much of a pussy you are? that you arent even willing to do anything about someone that you most obviously hate/loathe? why even provoke us when you know, in fact, that most of the male members of the group have the ability and more importantly, will, to punch you in the face? and to aggravate the matter even more and put beyond doubt that youre a pussy, when you do get a lucky shot and hit one of us, and we arent paying attention, why do you hide behind other people and deny you threw anything?

These two subjects here are worth thinking about.

Also, im tryin to gauge who actually reads this blog'o'mine. Just say hi or make a comment about this blog, either way. Cheers.

Sunday, February 20, 2005


three things you wouldnt expect to hear in a sentence?

law suit


Hey.....I know that cunt! (Blast from the fuckin past pt. 2)

Well for a vulgar title, it says it all.

Car broke down yesterday so i couldnt get a lift to 'J's place. Offered to stay with mum to see wether she needed help or not but she insisted i go on and catch a bus or something.
It was just a flat battery, which explained a lot of the troubles recently ie loss in power, power cuttting out at random times etc. It's EFI so it would need a bit of zap to keep it going.

Back to the point, I walked down to the C/side bus station. Who did i see but Mr Cable, Nick Cable.
I'd been friends with this fella in primary school, generally there we were pretty damn good mates. Had a fight or two, but for the most part, good mates. Anyway, he strode up to us with a decent lookin girl (which turned out to be his mate's gf) and sat down.
We got to talkin...past, what he'd been up to, what id been up to, girls, money, mates, people we'd lost contact with. For him, life had become a bit of an up and down thing. He'd gone from school pretty much straightaway to hard drugs. This fucked him up a bit, and certain people said they didnt want to be friends with him anymore. Time went on, he'd got into a bit of trouble and shit....had a hard time and decided he needed to clean up. He's now found lodging at at men's halfway house thingo. cant remember the name, but the experiences he'd had there like the mateship and family structure even though most people werent related, hed found to be a major reason as to him cleaning up. He's looking for a job now and tryin to find somewhere to stay.

Thing i found most interesting was how he, in so few words indespersed with vulgaritites (as was the way or speakin when we were mates) how he'd summed up my life, and what i have that other people dont. Humbling, i spose, would be the word here.

Guess it pays to catch up with mates every now and then. Helps you to see what you are, and how you got there, i spose.

S my story.

Friday, February 18, 2005

Male piercings

Isnt it ironic how womens rights have enabled women more control over their destinies, but men which were once the power brokers, are now slaves to a matiarachy....the image of the grown woman who is enable to emasculate and castrate even the most masculine of figures is shown today....and as was in the past. like in Ken Kessey's "One flew over the cuckoos nest" (one of the hardest understand books, initially) and "Everybody loves Ray", the power brokers are the men.

This, as a greater focus, was sparked by a teacher this afternoon who asked me to remove my eyebrow stud. now, sociality and popular culture have seen that evebrow rings are "hot" and good looking (this was the response i got before getting mine done anyway) but women are still allowed to wear a pair of sleepers or studs to keep their ear piercings open. Shouldnt this extend to males as well? the option to put a plain chrome stud in to keep the piercing open? certainly it doesnt look bad providing the person is suitably attired.

I guess the idea of a double standard irritates me. that women campained so long for women's rights, and still expect to be treated as a princess and payed for everywhere they go, is bullshit. In my opinon, you either get one or the other. either way, you get what you wanted, so i dont see the problem. let's have a little bit of equality here people.

The Pen? or the Sword?

Hey. been thinkin lately - is the pen really mightier than the sword?

on the side of the pen which symbolises spoken word and text, we see such things have much power, but can also be very weak.
If you are to hear words such as these you might recognise the power of them.
"I love you"
"your mother/father and i are splitting"
"I'm pregnant"
"Your'e (relative/family/loved one) is dead"
"I hate you" - though sometimes this can be weak
"David C. Ozanne!" - mum's favourite and you always know your in trouble, thats all a middle name is for really...

But on the other side of the coin, you have the sword, symbolising violence. Destructive, but it can be argued that mankind's greatest advances, traits and actions have been brought out on a battlefield, be it in a war or in the schoolyard fight.
Words can be nullified by a built (not necessarily large) man coming toward you with intent to hurt...but can also stop him. Words are thrown out the window when the first punch is thrown though, except to spurn or encourage the participants.

I guess it depends on who you are really. If you have the power to use words effectively, you can accomplish things far beyond what brute strength or malice can do. On the other hand, a stupid, but large person can dominate by force of will alone - the fact that they have the ability to do damge to you prevents most normal people from entering into anything with them. Thoughts?


people. askin ur opinion here, sort of a celebration of musical diversity. If you had to choose ONE favourite outfit or band who would it be and why?

Relating to music as well - why do certain bands see the need to pack in as many instruments as possible. im not talkin guest artists or anything like that, i mean bands that have like 3 drummers (or percussion types) a bassist, a lead singer and keyboardist *cough Slipknot cough* like i can see the point in GOOD metal bands that have more than one electric guitarist up to like 3 of em yeh....but any more and u just got ppl playin the same riff in sync - why bother when u can have one dude and an 8 x 10" or 8 x 12" cab?
Guess the jist of it is, why do you need more than a lead guitarist and a chorus/rythm, a bassist, a drummer and a singer (if one of the electric guitarists isnt singing)?

Blast from the fuckin past

And in a continuation of theme from the previous post, here's another song. see if you can work out who wrote it without using google hey?
The hunger inside given to me, makes me what I am
Always it is calling me, for the blood of man...
They say I cannot be this, I am jaded, hiding from the day
I can't bare, I cannot tame the hunger in me...
Oh, I say I did and always searching, you can't fuck with me
So instead you'll taste my pain
The hunger inside given to me, makes me feel alive
Always out stalking prey, in the dark I hide
Feeling, falling, hating, feel like I am fading, hating LIFE!
They say I cannot be this, I am jaded, hiding from the day
I can't bare, I cannot tame the hunger in me...
Oh, I say I did and always searching, you can't fuck with fate
So instead you'll taste my pain
You say your life I'm taking, always bothering me, I can't take this anymore,
I'm failing, always smothering me
You look down on me, hey what you see, take this gift from me, you will soon be ME!
Nothing seems exciting, always the same hiding... hiiiddinggg...It's haunting me.
It's haunting me. It's haunting me. It's haunting me
It's haunting me...
as you can see, theres a bit of a theme here. ive been dwelling on my parent's break up a lot lately, that among other things like past mistakes ive made. I had a look back at my life and it hasnt made me the happiest man around. granted i dont look sad most of the time but fuck it hurts inside.
P.S. dont post how sorry you are for me, cos i know most people dont really care.

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Songs parallel life

Female radio announcer; creepy bass intro enters into driving drum beat and deep, low lyrics

Nobody’s coming down the hall - Dad aint turnin back
Nobody echoes in my head - people dont tell me things now
Broken reflection outta luck - bad memories
Nobody ever needed it

and the riff changes; singer's tone gets higher
I got what was
I want to take what's left
Ready now - i gotta take wot i got into this year and make it a good one.

back to the driving beat and a small whining solo
Beautiful senses are gone - feel emotionally numb
Canary in a gilded cage
Singin - like the devil inside my head that tells me im gonna fail all the time

Sweet, soft, and low - like 'J' in a quiet mood
I will poison you all - and the reference to 'J' ends here. she has
Come closer, racing to your tongue brought me so much - she's hardly a poison, more of an angel really

and back again to the higher tone; the different riff
I got what was
I want to take what's left
No talk will cure - no words will make me change now
What's lost, or save what's left
For the deaf - i dont hear what i dont want to.

whispering; staggered grinding riff.

The blind can go get fucked - too bad fuckers
Lie beside the ditch - a portent of what is to come if i dont straighten out, sort of.
This halo round my neck
Has torn out every stictch - like the honesty i cling to has broguht me so much shit

repeating whining distorted riff; constant howling in background
Who are you hiding
Is it safe for the deaf - who cant see things coming. im sort of deaf.
Beautiful cancer - like dad's bitch, only i dont want to know what she looks like and i never do.
Infiltrate and forget
I saw you coming - shoulda known he was going to do it
I heard not a thing
A mistake not to listen
When I knew where you'd been - just like i see what people have given one another. traits, habits its all the same. we become less like who we hate and more like those we like.

And I got what was
I want to take what's left
No talk will cure
What's lost, or save what's left - dont talk of what you lost anymore dave, it cant save a thing.
For the deaf

ending now; whispering; note fades abruptly to radio announcer again, but a man this time

(its a QOTSA song. my favourite band. Saw some parallels.)

Fucked up comp

internet isnt workin right atm so i accidentaly posted two of the above. never mind


Well hmmm.

Seems ive got to live with being a cunt now. my honestly, which can also be cruel...has in my eyes had some bad effects.

take for instance the issue of trust. it seems atm, that the only person im able to confide in with the knowledge that im going to recieve the same amount of trust back is 'J'
those of you who dont trust me enough to tell me trivial things nowday, tell me why. is it cos im am a cunt? cos you think ill tell 'J'? what?

do you just regard me as a piece of shit because i dont hit you when you pay me out? cos i have the self control to restrain myself almost all the time? do you think im a 'pussy' cos of this?

does it all stem from the fact that i lost a fight to a wanker to solve some problems - even though i knew i was gonna lose face? huh? do you just regard me as below you cos of this?

id like to know why.

(tara, liz and anyone else who has a grudge against me - this isnt an indication to tell me how much you dont like me, its asking specific questions)

Monday, February 14, 2005

fuck it!

cant see anything involvin guns or weapons without there being a Middle Eastener involved, can you. just not kool. move your fuckin bias to the crazy dick with the gun fools!

Also relating to that story, mr Kalashnikov, designer of the infamous AK-47, recently had a birthday. he's got a good story behind him - look if you can be bothered.

Ha Har

Smack my bitch up!

thar's been an alarmin indication of bitin goin on with the girlies three. Cheif culprit and intigator known as 'J' is considered toothed and dangerous. scratch that, they all are. girls - dont be biting now, there's jewels to be protected. they are PRICELESS. now thats outta the way - fuckin pointless rant that it was, lets move on.

Valentine's day!

what a success. bar the heat which may have seen an alarming number of wilted flowers (had most of them not been artificial) it bee's by opinion that the day went well! plesant thoughts benny, angmo is only up the coast, and a few days be it before yar be meeting again.
I gave 'J' 10, yes, 10 roses. thats what happens when you buy them from the flower markets and pick a half dozen roses with a few hidden. value for money! haha! some chocolate as well. in return i got a teddy bear, which by 'J's insistence, will dutifully watch my bed from now on. plesant lookin little thing, very nice. got a card too - that meant the most :) words can be powerful people. use em wisely.

im bored outta my skull and with not much to do for a while but sleep a few more hours of my life away, i shall retire to my comfy bed. under the watchful eye of a teddy-bear. yes, proceeding onwards now *meanders off into distance*

- Dave

Sunday, February 13, 2005

Some bass solos

hello all ya bloggers & blog watchers out thar in the great back-o-beyond.

so far, ive found some good songs to learn....some have killer bass solos in them.

i want you to tell me what songs ya think have good bass in em. i dont mean thumpin drum machine shite people, i mean bass GUITAR ok?

so far i got:

- song & solo for Ben Harper + Innocent Criminals : Steal my kisses
- solo at the start of Rage Against The Machine : Calm like a bomb
- the entire Jamiroquai : 'Emergeny on planet earth' album
- the song Machine Head : Days turn blue to grey
- any song by Queens of the Stone Age

so the challenge is : find me some good bass lines and i'll see how quick i can get to play competently. i'll even tell you if im havin trouble. go forth and listen :)


Guess what. i reckon the media sucks nuts.

Its getting to the point where something gets in ur face somethin so much u begin to dislike it.

S like the media's tryin to make it all a trend, so in it comes it can be exploited and marketed til it's balls start draggin 'gainst the ground and as quickly as it started theyve found somethin else to market. Happens with bands and stuff. you like em before theyre popular - they get into the mainstream and suddnely theyve lost all theyre flavor like a 10 min old bit of gum. cant things a bit easier on?

pfft anyway.

there's somethin i dont like seein in people. s when say, they'll go yeh i want something...then they'll do fuck all to get it. s like theyre resigning 'emselves to failure before theyve started.
say for instance a girl wants a boyfriend. why doesnt she go out and look for a bloody bloke instead of waiting for them to come to her? look, i hate to break it to you ladies, but unless you have a particularly pleasing face or a good set of tits, dont expect the men to come running. you've got to get off you ass. most blokes will prolly say yes if you ask em out, unless you look like a wilted cabbage or something else off-putting. grow some goddamn (metaphorical) balls and do something for yourself.
i didnt expect 'J' to say yes and be me' wonderful girlfriend when i asked her out. i grew some balls and asked her anyways tho' and look what it got me. look. you might get shot down, but who gives a fuck. you'll know you have the balls to do it next time, cos at least you did something for yourself.

til next time ladies and gents.


I'm back on the bloggin pill.

Spurred on by ben's new lease on the blog - see it @ and my relative boredom at 1:21 am in the mornin' i've taken up bloggin' again ladies and gents.

How are ye all approachin' valentines' day? I've resolved to throw some flowers at it, some bloke i know bought one flower *cough* and yeh. My good ol girlfriend 'J' has suggested valentines day is for corny gifts and laughs, i reckon its about showin somebody u like em by givin em somethin thoughtful. I'd appreciate some comment on this, is there a definite one or the other? is it both?

I heard a comment today that sombody felt really cheap cos theyre only getting theyre significant other about $20 odd worth of stuff fer valentines day. Is this a problem if youre buyin what the other likes? me personal thoughts on the matter is it dont. Im all fer the get em what they want fuck the cost (within reasonable limits, as 'J' is creative enought to ask fer things like marsh frogs or whales - not the fat woman type - the oceangoin ones) school of thought. To this end i decided at the start of my rel. with 'J' that i'd get her a 9ct gold chain which she now wears all the time. This mind you was only one month into the relationship. Too far? well i guess you can see how much effort your willin' to put into it by stuff like that i guess.

What's the fuckin' deal with animals? me and 'J' went out fer a walk aboot half 7ish tonight and we were not only watched by approached by 4 random cats. one promptly precceded to stare down the road into the darkness and acted like it was seein someone which freaked the fuck outta the both of us. returning home we also saw a big owl. this bastard just calmly watched us pass by. wierd.

Mesa Boogie make the goddarn best amps. Nothin like em. pure fcukin ooomph. random, but hey.. :)

On the note of the formal yeh, you reckon it's a better go to buy a suit ($600 odd fer a top end model, 350 fer a nice looker) or spend $120ish on hire? i mean, blokes, were gonna wear em again 'nless u get a shit one - hire them - but yeh it aint a fuckin weddin dress gentleman. u can get some wear outta em. i think a suit can make an ordinary man a bit more, add some class to him.

anywho, id better be getting on. gotta go to the flower markets tomorrow as i dont like half-arsed gifts.


Only one rule in this blog'o'mine. You dont post as anonymous else i dont listen to you. u want an argument step up an say ur name othawise i cant be bothered with ur petty shit, ok?