Saturday, October 08, 2005

Sell out/anticipation

fuck it, i thought. why not put them ad things at the top of my blog, so i sold out and did it. interesting to see if i actually get anything from it.

in other news, ive nearly finished my motorised skateboard. i hope (given i work in the lunch hours and in the two spares) i will get it done this week. that would fucking rock.
mind you, it prolly wont have any brakes or anything which might suck (imagine having a 25k/hr head start on a steep hill, standing up and without any protective clothing other than jeans), but i plan to fabricate them after its up and running.

im pretty fucking stoked about how much ive done to this point, so itll rock to finish it.

s all the news i got atm.



At 13/10/05 10:32 AM, Blogger Junky Nurse said...

sounds like a cool skateboard. wear a helmet or at least listen to HELMET while on board\
auntie junky n.

At 13/10/05 4:11 PM, Blogger kirbs said...

wait, you're getting paid for having those ads?

At 13/10/05 5:20 PM, Blogger Dave said...

i think so...


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