Saturday, August 27, 2005

Ninja madness!

here's a game i show you all.

Monday, August 22, 2005

Ben and Dave dancin' Posted by Picasa

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A#1 / Pre-formal (part 1)

hey - its everyone at the pre-formal L>R (Jess, Dave, Tara, Eric, Liz, Sam, Greg, Ben, Ang, Matt, Berna) Posted by Picasa

Check it! Formal!

ill try get this out as quick as i can, im running on coffee and Desert Sessions tunes and am fucking tired..

Righty, where to start...

Well, this is all in my eyes, and ill tell you what i think, as i thought it.

It started off Tuesday morning. Got up, showered, shat, clothed myself and sat about. Decided to amble off to the shops to get myself a silk hanky thingo for my pocket. got one, it wasnt the right colour though, so i went off home. Went down to ye ole flower shoppe (when it occured they'd most probably have something in the order of what i wanted) and got myself two red long-stem roses for the wonderful Jess. On the spur of the moment, also decided to buy a jacket rose thingy (that give me the shits to no end, all night)
Stopped by Night Owl and got myself a V Black. *note to self - very interesting drink, good stuff*
sat down..gave GT4 a bit of a play and decided to amble on over to ben's joint to drop off some clothes to change into after the formal was over, for the post. ended up staying waaaaay longer than expected, missed my bus and decided to fuck it and walk home. did so in the tidy time of 35 mins. go team me! :|

Showered for second time - i was getting rather clean by now.... and took my sweet ass time changing into 'The Suit'
went next door and sorted the lift for the formal - Rolls Royce Silver Shadow II (in British Racing Green) had the neighbour take a few photos and was set to go.

Off to the Pre-formal. What a tool - i forgot my pre-formal ticket *errrrrrrr* anyho, the kind folks at the gate were powerless to my charms (read let me in as they knew me) and admitted me to the gathering. Ahead - the fucking throng. people everywhere. parents, people with cameras...old people left right and centre. not good. first job was find the jess, easier said than done. I waded through the masses, gently removing those in the way. thank fuck! across the mass, i see jess's dad's head. cant miss it - big bald bloke. saweeeet! anyway, i came across Jess - fucking whoa. red dress, and looked the part....fuuuuuuuck i thought - there she is.
cut a long story short, we chatted, ran about to and fro for photos and i perfected the fake smile, perfect for those job interviews. Got some happy snaps with everyone and the family - particularly awkward moment when the photographer attempted to unite the family ~ mum + dad smile awkwardly and soon manage to distance each other...all safe now. had a laugh seeing jess's dad talk with my grandad and uncle. grandad and mr lowe would be best mates if you gave them a beer and a chair, me thinks. anyways, the night went on and it soon got dark-ish. We were told to move to the cars and ambled on down to the oval. Fucked about for a bit, did the red carpet jobbie and waited on the grass for my ride. waved goodbye as everyone entered their limo. waited. waited. waited. everyone cheers - i look over to see a bikie convoy, and.... obscured among the lights, a Rolls. Yesssssss!.

Anyways, we got in and stuffed about for a bit, said hi to the chauffer (neighbour) and did the obligatory smile and wave as we rolled past the masses. from there, the car went along the road marked by bamboo lights and we powered off toward the formal, ford 1966 mach 1 mustang off in front of us, and ricers utd. behind in an integra.

part 2 to follow.


Monday, August 15, 2005

Real life

Well hey again.

i have come to realise there are types of songs/experiences/situations that make you think about life etc. for me, these tend to be bad memories of my childhood or quiet guitar songs by metal bands....i.e. "into the dead sky" by at the gates...

anyho. party at ben's night before last, for berna. I wont say it was the best party that ive ever been to, but it rated ok. Of particular mention was the departure of a mate from school to go for an apprenticeship. i wont ask why, and am not even going to think about it. point is eric had a fucking good reason and was doing something for himself - and i wish him the best in it + whatever else he goes on to.
Someone made the comment that all the parties our group has now are getting depressing and shit, like people only spread rumors/publicly backstab/are cunts/depressed. i for one think it aint that bad. life is what you make it most of the time, and you choose to a greater extent wether you want to be happy or not. Drink more, talk more, laugh more. Sit in the corner. Observe. Its up to you.

Formal coming up. tomorrow night in fact. everything is ready, all is organised. conflict still ensues over arrangements between the women. anticipation...

im sure we'll all look back and say we loved it. enough shit has passed. how bout we all enjoy this shit eh?

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Psycho Boy Jack

listening to the above titled song by the dust brothers, i feel a little like fight club's main character when he bashes the living shite outta the young man at one of the fight club meets. only i havent got anyone to bash up, so im here feeling all pissed off at nothing in particular. speaking of which, had a session on the 'bag yesterday. god forbid i ever unleash myself on someone. be around with a beer when it happens people cos it'll make for more interesting telly than any UFC bout ever could. enough on the latent passive-agressiveness that is me

does anyone read RAPID bikes magazine? the streetbike one..? please, all go out and buy yourself a coffee and sit down with the latest issue of it. it rocks. and it has a particular article writer who also happens to be one of the best engine builders in aus, if not the world, ian irving. he looks like the manual arts teacher in high school everyone had - the crazy fucker who knows FAR too much about stuff than any mortal should, sort of boring, soul-less even. anyways, read it for fucks sake. true genius.

oh, and just to make this the most random and incoherent post ever, seek out the poster that promos V's (energy drink) black or whatever it is. they have a fantastic pic of a dude drinking some and he looks like an ape, and the promo goes "release the inner night monkey" in psychodelic text and it has no apparent meaning. pic brings to memory basement jaxx's "where's your head at" clip. monkeys....

just to freak you all out there

so long