Saturday, October 22, 2005

The fire is almost gone...

Hey again.

Update for the project -

- The bar used to join both ends of the pivot section was welded on tuesday. It had to be lathed down from it's original 12.5mm to aroun 7.75mm to fit with room within the bearing chamber.

- The new engine mount just consisted of some strengthened bolts (M3) and a joining piece of bar between the circular clamp and the tab on the u-frame. easy.

I am currently in the process of welding and lathing to a circle a piece of flat plate attached on to a cylindrical section of around 30mm dia. this will function as my brake disc and be attached directly (via a pin) to the output shaft in the space between the clutch bell cover and the sprocket. after this it's a matter of fixing into place and connecting the brake levers and cable salvaged from a brothers old bike.

It also seems the testing on fri arvo and sat morning has worn down about 15% of the clutch's friction material. I'll need to machine a bushing to fit inside the plastic clutch bell cover to stop it travelling excessively, as i tried to fire the motor up a few times but each time the clutch didnt want to fucking centre itself and drive so the chain fell off. nevertheless, the last week of school looks to be a busy one. Two weeks of exams after that and im done for the year and off to schoolies. Thank fuck.

read sam's blog, he's been updating more often recently and it's quality, much better n my writing will be.


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